Going to Church in London

08 January 2013

Its a Sunday afternoon in London. What's one to do? 

Go to Church of course! I'm not talking some wholesome bible reading, I mean getting sloppy and grinding with strangers in ridiculous outfits. That's what you'll find at The Church, a theater converted into bar and club that is only open bi-weekly on Sunday afternoons.

The Church offers a great environment for meeting international travelers and just having a good time. Entrance is only 7 pounds if you buy your ticket in advance (which I suggest) and then you get a baggy of three large beers for only 10 pounds. The atmosphere is as jovial as can be and wearing costumes is encouraged. Also, keep an eye on the digital screen above which shows live shots of people on the dance floor along with some funny remarks and observations. Of course, there's other entertainment as well...

Like a live strip tease. Our performer, Carrie, did several acts. One performance included bringing audience members up on the stage and having them eat marshmallows off of her body.

Dancing was also broken up with games such as international dance offs (which nation has the best dancers?? Apparently India!) and musical chairs. It was great fun watching drunken people try to impress and also provided a chance to breath after so much dancing.

But eventually all good things must come to an end. After storming the stage for your 15 minutes of fame at the end, file out into the bright sunlight and hope you can find your tube back to your hostel for a nap.

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  1. That's not the kind of church I was thinking of when reading the title :), but this place looks like a lot of fun. Happy to see you dance :-) (assuming that's you on the dance floor)

    1. Yup, that's me in the green pants!

  2. Not what I was expecting either! think I've heard of this place from international travellers but as a Anglo had no idea it existed. Looks so much fun! x

    1. It's funny, not many people seem to know about this place and yet it's always packed!