How to Pack for Small Trips

15 January 2013

Every poor college student traveling Europe knows the wonder that is RyanAir. Round trip flight from France to Norway for 20 euros? There's no way to say' no' to that! While I still don't know quite how they manage to make any money with such a business plan, hidden fees is probably a part of it. One of those fees include the extraordinary cost of luggage which can be triple the price of your ticket. They do, however, kindly allow you to bring one carry-on for free, provided it's not much bigger than a book bag. So how do you pack for a two week mini-trip when you have a single bag to live out of?

1. Consider the weather
For one of my two-week trips I went from Sweden to Italy which meant I had to pack a variety of clothing. Wear your heaviest clothing for flights to save room in your bag. Also, don't assume you know what the weather is like in a country. Do research for the specific dates that you will be there.

2. Don't forget the obvious things
Usually it's the things you use daily in your life that you forget to pack. After a day of site seeing you're gonna be tired and ready for bed, but oops, you don't have any toothpaste. Take a moment and look at all the objects you touch in one day. Those are things you will need to pack.

3. Keep it versatile
I find that the best way to get the most bang out of my wardrobe is to keep it very simple so that every piece works together. I do this by choosing basic pieces in neutral colors (white/black/gray/brown) and then pick only 2 other colors to create my mini-wardrobe.

A suggested packing list:
4 shirts 
2 cardigans 
1 pair of flip flops 
2 pairs of shorts/light weight pants 
1 maxi skirt or maxi dress 
1 pair of jeans 
1 set of pjs 
undergarments: bras/underwear/socks
toiletries: toothbrush/toothpaste/body wash/face wash/loofah/makeup 
chargers and converters 
portable umbrella 
water bottle 
travel documents 

So, these are my tips according to my traveling experience. What do you suggest?

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  1. love this post - I'm terrible at being strict and end up taking anything and everything I 'might' where. Especially when it includes a city.

    1. It definitely takes practice. When I first went to France I had two huge suitcases and I ended up regretting it so much!