DC Cupcake Showdown: Best Buns Bread vs. Georgetown Cupcakes

18 March 2013

It's time to address a very serious issue, one that cannot be ignored any longer; Where can one buy the best cupcakes in the DC area? To answer this question I decided to try samples from two different bakeries. One is a DC staple: the famous Georgetown Cupcakes. Tourists flock to this bakery just to try their sweets. The other: Best Buns Bread Company. Though not as well know, locals highly recommended this bakery and I thought it would be a good competitor.

While the pink signs of Georgetown Cupcakes are adorable and cater perfectly to my girly side, I could imagine male customers feeling very uncomfortable in this store. In addition, the cafe seemed to be filled only with girls tweeting/instagramming pictures of their cupcakes. Conversely, Best Buns offered a cafe with a much more casual and relaxed ambiance. It really seemed like a place where locals would stop to take a break. Plus, they offer much more than cupcakes if you're not into sweets.
Winner: Best Buns Bread Company

Georgetown Cupcakes are $2.75 each while Best Buns prices their cupcakes at $3 a piece. However, Best Buns' cupcakes are literally twice the size of Georgetown. For best bang for your buck, this one is no contest.
Winner: Best Buns Bread Company

Georgetown Cupcakes are absolutely adorable! These cute morsels will make you feel like Marie Antoinette (and isn't that what every girl dreams of?) Best Buns is much more straight forward. Here are your cupcakes, no frills.
Winner: Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes frosting was great but the cupcake itself was not astounding. Good, but it didn't stick out in my mind. In addition, the sprinkles on top of the double chocolate birthday cupcake were so hard that I thought they were inedible at first. Not fun for my teeth! Best Buns' cupcakes are so large and moist it's more like eating a piece of cake than a cupcake. The frosting on top is just as rich as the actual cupcake.
Winner: Best Buns Bread Company

Alright, here's what really matters! Time for the break down! For both bakeries I got a red velvet and a double chocolate cupcake. For Georgetown, the cream cheese icing was absolutely amazing, however the double chocolate birthday cupcake was rather flavorless. For Best Buns, their size was their downfall in this category. Though the red velvet and chocolate ganache cupcakes were both decidently delicious, there was just so much. I started to feel sick trying to eat all of it. These really need to be shared with someone else. Despite this, they still tasted better!
Winner: Best Buns Bread Company

So if you've been tallying along you can see I have a clear favorite; Best Buns Bread Company! Something about this bakery just pulled me in immediately. This bakery seemed like it thrived because they offered genuinely good products and not just a big name. Nonetheless, the cupcakes were hella delicious!

What do you think? Have you ever tried cupcakes from these bakeries before? What is your favorite bakery?

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  1. Thankyou for your delicious post. I will certainly both cupcake stores in mind if I'm ever in the DC area.

  2. Those cupcakes look so good, really makes me crave for one! yumm