Snapshots of Washington, DC

14 March 2013

Traveling America is so much different than Europe but I'm having a great time in DC. Next week I'll tell you more about what to do in this city but for now, here are some shots from my trip!

Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
White House
Old Post Office
Clock Tower
Cherry Blossoms
Freer Gallery
da Vinci at the National Gallery
Smithsonian Castle
Mondrian at Hirshorn Museu

The Spirit of Freedom at the National Air and Space Museum
The Capitol
Changing of the guards at Arlington Cemetery
Georgetown Canal
Georgetown Cupcakes
Georgetown High Street

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  1. Beautiful Pictures! Cant wait to hear about your adventures!


  2. Looks beautiful! I definitely want to make a road trip to DC sometime soon :) have fun.


  3. I am in love with Georgetown! All those houses are adorable.
    Even though I've been to DC many times, I never feel like I've really gotten to know the place.

    1. It's an adorable neighborhood indeed! I'm glad my friend told me to go!

  4. I love D.C.! {especially Georgetown Cupcakes, lol}. Great photos!

  5. Gorgeous pics! I often wonder if I will travel in the US like I have in Europe when we move home. It's amazing how much of the country I have yet to see!

    1. Agreed! That's why I decided I had to at least see the capitol!