The Cutest Cafe in Georgetown

26 March 2013

Walking down the streets of Georgetown in Washington, DC you'll see row after row of beautiful, classic homes. That is, until you get smacked in the face with the extravagant, chartreuse hue that is none other than Snap, which bills itself as "Georgetown's cutest cafe". Considering it was almost lunch time, I decided to go and see if this was true.

The front of Snap
One of the stand out selling points of Snap is its wonderful location. Walk north and you'll be on the main street of Georgetown where you can enjoy shopping high and low brands. Walk south and you can stroll the charming Georgetown canal or continue on to the park along the Potomac river.

Snap definitely lives up to the title of "cutest cafe". It's small, comfy, and lit with cute Christmas lights. I could totally picture being a student at George Washington University and spending my time between classes in this cafe, catching up with friends and reading and gah! It was a little chilly that day so I didn't take advantage of the outdoor patio but I could imagine it being really nice on sunny days.

Taro bubble tea and a Greek panini
The menu at Snap is simple and makes for a great brunch location. However, the cost is a little more than I usually spend on a meal. Crepes were around 5 dollars and the panini I ordered was 8 bucks! Maybe I'm not a city girl, and I often forgo eating out, but that just seems a bit costly to me- especially since there wasn't much in my panini. The bubble tea was about $3.50 which I consider a little more reasonable considering this is kind of a trendy drink right now.

I'll start by saying I hate bubble tea. I've only had it a couple times before and I really disliked it. But seeing that bubble tea was a main feature on Snap's menu I decided to give it another try. And to my surprise, I loved it! As for the panini, it was rather lackluster. For something that contained pesto, feta, sun dried tomatoes and chicken, I could hardly taste any of those flavors. The bread, however, was really good!

Inside Snap
In the end I'd agree that Snap is Georgetown's cutest cafe. I mean, that bright, lime green is just too adorable and the size is so cozy! However, the service was slow (there was one point for the cashier left the store for a solid five minutes, leaving a woman waiting to have her order taken) and the quality of the food didn't match up with what I would expect for the prices. Maybe this cafe should focus less on being cute and more on serving good food!

What qualities do you look for in a good cafe? 

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  1. I LOVE bubble tea! and i'm so happy whenever anyone else discovers a newfound love for it too!

    1. Yes, I'm definitely a convert, lol!