Weekly Wonder: When in Rome

15 March 2013

The target
The spoils
When visiting Rome my friend joked, "You know, you always hear stories about people going abroad and getting robbed but what if we instead robbed someone."

Well, we decided robbing a person was too risky- not that we were gonna take anything important, maybe just a map or something- but we did pick a new goal. Along the streets of Rome were large, juicy oranges. Yes, they looked amazing. Too bad the trees were perfectly maintained so that all the oranges were out of reach. That, however, did not deter us. Instead, I climbed on my friend's shoulders and grasped like a fool until I grabbed a prize.

We took our spoils back to the hostel and cracked it open. God, did it smell delicious. Too bad it tasted like sour lemon!

Do you have any funny travel stories?

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  2. LOL i like the way you think. even if you did end up getting robbed, at least you're somewhat reimbursed by the great city of Rome.