How to Pack Fashionably Light

17 April 2013

So you're heading off for a summer time vacation? Time to start packing! If you're like me and love clothes it can be pretty hard to narrow down your wardrobe and decide what to bring with you. For all you girls out there wondering how to pack light and still look fashionable, this is or you! Check out how I style 9 pieces to make 9 different outfits!

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As you can see, I used the rule that I mentioned before when I discussed how to pack for small trips. My key pieces are neutrals (black, brown, white) and I picked two accent colors (blue and coral). These colors are perfect for summer and I love how playful they look together! 

Also, I used a lot of patterned pieces in my looks. This helps add some variety and visual interest to this capsule wardrobe- rather than nothing but plain, boring colors.

For shoes, one pair of flats and one pair of heels, both in neutral shades, are all you need to match every outfit. Recently I've been loving socks and how they can completely change an outfit so get some statement socks to help change up each look!

As you can see, the main key is to have variety in your pieces that are linked by subtle similarities. Use different shapes (body con and slouchy fit) to make many looks. From cafe to beach to museum, I have an outfit for each occasion!

What are you packing for summer vacation?

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  1. Wow! Very good tips! I can see you look snazzy with all those outfits even when it's just a matter of switching the articles of clothing! Nice!

  2. Love the pleated camel coloured skirt - very nice. Would like that in my backpack please!

    1. Yeah it was definitely one of my best thrift store finds ever!