Photo Friday: Little Bangladesh

30 August 2013

Each Friday is dedicated to one of my favorite shots from my travels around the world. I don't claim to be an amazing photographer, but every now and then a get a good one!

london, uk, united kingdom, brick lane, little bangladesh, england, travel, photography

This week's photo is of Brick Lane, also known as Little Bangladesh in East London. This quarter is famous for its authentic curry and excellent vintage stores. Dedicate an afternoon to this street while traveling the UK and you will get a good taste of London's multicultural background. Hint: This is also a great place to do some British fashion spotting.

What's your favorite spot in London?

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  1. Love Brick Lane! Definitely one of my favourite haunts of London... As well as Columbia Road flower market, have you been there?

    1. No I didn't make it over there! I'm surprised- collectively I think I've spent 2 week in London and there's still so much I haven't done!

  2. Another reason to go back to London - haven't been to this particular location yet.