How I Met Your Adventure: Diaries of an Essex Girl

05 November 2013

How I Met Your Adventure is a series of posts featuring you, my readers! Whether it's that time you almost got arrested in Rome or a heartwarming story about finding love in Tokyo, I want to hear your unique travel story.

Hey friends! I'm Kate, a British expat who blogs over at Diaries of an Essex Girl about my life since leaving England in 2012 to travel the world! Currently I am living in Frankfurt, Germany with my (also British) boyfriend and we plan to move to Japan in 2014. Everything in my life is an uncertainty right now but it's also so new, different and exciting - I love it!

I love your story of impulsive travel! Let's go by chapters shall we? Firstly, Essex! If a tourist had to spend a day in this county, what would you recommend seeing or doing? 
Thanks! Gosh, to be honest I'm not sure I could recommend much for a tourist! Haha. We have Cambridge very close by to Essex which is a beautiful city, so if you are in Essex I'd recommend heading out a little bit to take a visit. Within Essex, we have the oldest city in England called Colchester which has lots of old Roman ruins dotted around and a pretty castle. 

Essex also has a pretty village called Finchingfield which has won awards for being such a beautiful place! We have a lot of nice countryside in Essex as well as some decent cities, so I'd recommend trying to see both sides of this!

Amsterdam: I personally didn't click with Amsterdam and I've heard others say the same. What did you do that made your time there so fun?
Haha... I'm not sure it's appropriate to say! But aside from the coffee shops and crazy characters you can meet through the social scene, I love how efficient everything is in Amsterdam and I love the "look" of Dutch towns/cities. I also think the river running through is so picturesque, I have some gorgeous pictures from my time there!

Greece: How did you find employment so quickly? Any suggestions for others?
It's such an easy trade to find work in for the time of year I went, jobs are available all over the island for British workers as the Greeks know British people want to meet fellow British people on holiday. I'm not sure why we do - but we just do! For summer season work it's as simple as showing up, saying hello and being friendly. This alone will land you a trial and if you are good, it's pretty much bagged you the job.

What about Athens did you love? Any travel tips or secrets for this city?
Watch out for pickpockets! But other than that, just explore. I think it's really important to explore the little back alleys in a place like Athens as it's where you can discover beautiful churches and pretty views. As for what I loved, that'd be everything! It is such a picturesque city and I loved how rustic and "ruined" it looks, it has a very raw feel to it.

I wrote a post on my experience as a whole which you can check out here as it's a little long to be pasting all over your pretty space and it's impossible to sum up in fewer words!

France: How did you go about arranging your au pair gig? How was your experience as an au pair?
I have talked about this on this post as to how to arrange the job, as for my experience it was a totally pleasant one and I loved the family I worked with.

At times, it can be a little awkward because when you first arrive you are just living with a bunch of strangers. But you quickly get used to it and can easily become a member of the family with the right attitude!

Germany: What's something that's surprised you about your new life in Germany?
Honestly? How similar Germans are to British people! So there hasn't been much to surprise me other than that as I knew a lot about Germany and Germans anyway, it just shocked me how similar we were by nature and how the countries look.

What's been your biggest/craziest adventure during this trip?
Definitely my trip to Barcelona which was so ridiculous it took me days before I could even contemplate writing a post after I returned. From couchsurfing mishaps to wandering the streets for hours in search of a hostel, it was the best and worst trip I've had to date! I did try to make the best of the bad situation though...

As a girl in constant motion, where do you see yourself going next?
JAPAN! And I can not wait. To be a little broader, Asia. My boyfriend and I plan to do a year in Japan before potentially moving on to Taiwan/Vietnam, we would also like to visit the Philippines, Thailand and China during our time in Asia. The plan after Asia is to head to Australia/New Zealand!

Want more of Kate? Check out her blog, Diaries of an Essex Girl or follow her on twitter!

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  1. Yay! I had almost forgotten this was coming up and it was a lovely surprise :)

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

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