The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Type of Traveler

02 December 2013

It's that time of year again! Time to start shopping for all those special people in your life. One breed of person that is difficult to shop for, however, is the traveler. This curious creature is notoriously stingy when it comes to accepting new things into their life which they have perfectly crafted to be light and mobile. Will they truly appreciate the gift you get them or hock it for a ticket to some foreign country? Here's the guide for every travel personality to make sure your Christmas gift is just what they didn't know they wanted!

The Scholar
This is the traveler that loves learning about the world and documenting their travels. Maps in general are a great gift idea for someone who fits this travel profile. Vintage maps can be found at thrift stores or check out these atlases which feature the "true names"" of locations.

The Bohemian
This person is constantly dreaming and wandering. They're enamored with the beauty of the world and that's what inspires them to see more. Get this person a sturdy journal so that they can keep all their musings in one place. I love the earthiness of this handmade, leather journal.

The Adventure Traveler
When this person travels they seek thrill and adrenaline rushes. Help them keep their camera safe with this waterproof case. Now they can take pictures while snorkeling or snowboarding and not worry about their camera!

The Student
This person is studying abroad and is eagerly excited to explore new cultures. However, they're a bit strapped for cash. My Tab is a great way to help this person out and support them while they're traveling. You'll be happy to know that your contribution leads them to create great memories while abroad!

The Epicurean
They experience travel with all of their senses- especially taste! For this person, gift them a copy of The Anthropologist's Cookbook. They'll learn about the history of food for several regions of the world and have lots of new recipes to try out.

The Party Animal
They're barhopping along the beaches of Thailand and loving every second of the cheap booze that just keeps flowing. For their own personal stash, make them a customized flask. Add a quote about travel or a picture of one of their favorite vacations so they can always remember the good times!

The Couple
They love spending time together and your Facebook wall is plastered with pictures of them squeezing each other tightly in some other country. Get them a Fuji Instax so that they can get photos immediately after snapping them.

The Techie
This is the traveler that just can't give up their devices while they're abroad. Hook them up with a  Wireless memory card so that all the photos they take instantly download on to their phone. It will make sharing them on Twitter and Instagram so much easier!

The Budget Traveler
They're constantly traveling the world and they afford that by living in hostels and eating cheap. They don't waste their money on frills and they don't waste the room in their backpacks either. Gift them with something small and useful like a portable key safe to store their valuables.

The Family
This is for the person who loves traveling with their children and snapping pictures along the way. Create a custom view master so they can always relive those memories again and again. Plus, the kids will love clicking through it, too!

The Culture Craver
This person loves soaking in culture when they travel. Museums, theaters, and galleries are at the top of their to-do list. Why not help them out by getting them a city pass, like this one for London? It will help them save money as they sight see and most every major city offers these deals.

The Beach Bum
Their idea of travel is going somewhere warm and sunny and simply relaxing. No need to run about from museum to museum; the beach will do just fine! Create a pair of custom flip flops for them to lounge in while they catch some rays.

The Luxury Traveler
This type of traveler doesn't mind spending a bit of money if it means they'll be more comfortable. They want to look good while they're abroad so help them stay organized with this travel jewelry case. Now they don't have to worry about tangling their necklaces or loosing earrings.

The Do-Gooder
When this person travels, they're working for a cause so get them a present that also goes towards something good. For example, all proceeds for this shirt go towards saving elephants. Find what project they are  passionate about and there is almost certainly a gift you can get them that also donates to that organization.

What gifts would you recommend for travel lovers?

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  1. Great post! I am however the traveler in the family, so I may be buying some of these for myself after my Christmas shopping is done. I really like the atlas (love maps) and waterproof camera case!

    1. I agree! I want everything, especially the wireless memory card. Maybe I forward this to a few friends and family to give them ideas, haha!

  2. Yeah I just emailed the link for the real names atlases to my mom with 'hint hint xmas' in the subject line ;)

    1. Yes, I love those maps! I love how the Yucatan peninsula translates to 'I don't understand you', haha!