Life Lessons from Big Island, Hawaii

26 April 2014

I wish there was a manual to being a twenty-something. That's the sort of things I understand. Cold hard facts. A step-by-step guide that explained that what I'm going through right now is normal. 'Of course you're life won't look like a Pinterest board and no, you're not going to absolutely adore your job.'

Instead I'm out here on my own, learning every day what it means to be an adult. Hell, I'm still learning what it means to be Aryn.

Traveling, however, has always been the thing in my life that pushes me to learn more about myself and the world. This latest trip took me to Big Island, Hawaii where I was able to witness the beauty of Volcanoes National Park and learn some more life lessons:

big island, hawaii, volcano, kilauea, halemaumau crater

1// Life will go on
I'm a list maker. I also have a tendency to feel like the world will end if I don't get my list done "in time". I seem to have this apocalyptic fantasy that I will just die if I don't get everything completed. Staring out at the lava fields, I saw what it looks like when a real catastrophe happens. Stretches of land as far as you could see decimated by volcanic eruptions. And yet, among the lava rock, a small tree or bush would be sprouting up. Even when it seems like everything is destroyed, life will go on.

Even when I feel like I've fucked up everything beyond repair, I too will survive.

2// I am not the center of the world
Looking out at the vastness of the ocean or the extreme heights of the sea cliffs, you realize just how small and insignificant you are. Some might say 'what a terribly depressing thought!' I however find it quiet relieving. Every problem I encounter may feel enormous but that's only from my perspective. To the rest of the world, it doesn't matter that I reply to an email a bit late.

Realizing the insignificance of my own troubles has somehow brought a zen-like attitude to how I approach life.

3// Give into gravity
When standing at the most southern tip of the USA I looked forty feet down into the most brilliantly blue water I had ever seen. I closed my eyes and stepped off the edge. I was filled with fear as I fell for what felt like for ever but my fear didn't matter; at that point I just had to give in and let gravity run its course. There was absolutely nothing I could do until I hit the water so I might as well enjoy the fall.

After the jump I thought to myself 'Look at all the times you feared something and gave up before even trying! Look how amazing things can be when you stop trying to control everything and instead give into gravity.'

What life lessons have you learned from travel?

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