Quotes That Will Actually Inspire You To Travel

23 September 2014

When it comes to travel quotes, I tend to see the same ones over and over again. No offense, St Augustine's “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” quote is lovely but there's really no call to action. It's more of a statement than a prompt. 

What I want out of a quote is something that actually inspires me to make a change. That's why the words I find most motivational aren't necessarily about travel and how wonderful it is. They're the ones that make me question societal norms and challenge how I look at life.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Around twenty-five, most people are set on their path and it's not necessarily one they love. They get comfortable and focus on constantly working for the future and not living in the present. Next thing  you know you're grown and missed out on a lot of great opportunities.

Rome, Italy
A reminder not to settle for mediocrity. I could be good at my desk job but will that lead to the best memories when I'm older? Probably not. I'd rather take the chance on doing what truly makes me happy.

Prague, Czech Republic
I think we all know the conventional plan: school, college, marry, buy house, have kids. This is the pre-designed life plan which, while great for some, is absolutely boring to me. 

Have the courage to create your own goals and not just live by everyone else's standards. Most people will think you're crazy for wanting to travel constantly but what does it matter if it makes you happy?

Berlin, Germany
Would you be satisfied with your life if you put off traveling for a year? And what happens when that year passes and you come up with more excuses for why you can't travel? If you truly love traveling, do it today. There's no reason to wait.

Beijing, China
Strongly related to quote number three, let go of the belief that you have to do what everyone around you is doing. Don't compare yourself to others. Just pursue your own life.

Mont Saint Michel, France
This has been my life motto since I came across it. I have a tendency to get stuck in ruts and get conformable. Lately I've been pushing myself to do things that are terrifying. Things that will be a little bit more challenging then just relaxing at home and surfing the internet. Travel is one of those choices that can be terrifying and amazing. I intend to be doing more soon!

What quotes inspire you to travel?

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