How to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Honolulu

27 June 2015

If you happen to find yourself in Honolulu, Hawaii for Independence Day and enjoy the combination of drinking alcohol while swimming then I would definitely suggest that you join Floatilla: a raucous evening of booze and inflatable tubes in the Pacific Ocean. Here's a simple how to:

Step 1: Promptly peace out from the office and get down to Waikiki beach. Note: you should already have your bathing suit on underneath your work uniform.

Step 2: Instead of being reasonable and buying a cheap floaty at the corner ABC store, be stingy and tell yourself "I can swim that far." Note: you should have a backpack full of beer with you. That will definitely help the swim.

Step 3: Realize you've made a terrible mistake and that you actually really need a floaty. Luckily plenty of drunk people have lost their inner tubes at this point and any floaters are fair game. Bonus points if it's shaped like a donut.

Step 4: Enjoy the drunken revelry. Ignore the people who are on the party boat because honestly they're not much cooler than you. Cause look at you, you're enjoying the same party they are for way cheaper.

Step 5: Meet a pig who surfs. His name is Kama.

Step 6: Take one last look at the beautiful ocean as it empties of party-goers and start swimming back to shore yourself.

Step 7: Hold your donut floaty proudly above your head because you survived! 

Step 8: Enjoy an amazing sunset (which really cannot be avoided in Hawaii) and hang around the beach to watch the night time fireworks.

How do you celebrate Independence Day?

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  1. I SOOOO want to meet Kama! This is pretty cool, how else can you celebrate on an island? Haven't checked out your blog in forever, glad to see you're still writing!

    1. Hey!! Glad to see you're back at it! And yes, Kama was pretty bad ass!